Looking for local Burnaby movers?

Whether you’re moving within the city or looking to head to the surrounding areas, the ideal Burnaby movers you're looking for are Robust Move!


We're a team of passionate t movers who’ve successfully moved families and businesses countless times throughout the Burnaby area.

They know what it takes to get you and your possessions where you need to go, on-time, and without damage. Whether you’re looking at Metrotown or getting closer to Simon Fraser, wherever you want to go — we’re there.

Whatever You’ve Got to Wherever You’re Going 

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to or from a Burnaby house or apartment or whether you’ve got half a truckload of stuff or more. We pride ourselves on being a simple, flexible solution to your moving problems. 

We’ll gather all the information needed before the day, help you make a plan, show up on the day — and get that stuff moved. 

Burnaby Movers

Safe, Hassle-Free 

Worried about damage? Well, our professional Burnaby movers know how to load a truck. They know what needs a little extra protection and come equipped with supplies to handle everything from bulky couches to fragile heirlooms. 

If our trucks hit a bump on the Burnaby roads, your valuable possessions will sit security just as we packed them. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, yes, we’re insured. Which means you’re protected no matter what. 

Start Enjoying Your New Home Sooner 

Moving should be about celebrating your new beginning — not getting dragged down with squeezing beds down stairwells. 

With our Burnaby moving service, you get to save your energy for the fun part: settling into your new home. We’ll move things right to where you need them. So all you have to do is start enjoying the new home. 

If you’re looking for a Burnaby moving company that will treat your move like it was its very own, you’re looking for Robust Move. Reach out for a free quote. Let’s Get Moving! 

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Want to know how we deliver successful moves?

We’ve collected the answers to some very common questions right here in our FAQ to help you make the right decision about your move