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Looking for a moving service that lends a hand with storage, too?

Not every move is simple. Sure, sometimes you're just moving stuff from one place to another. But other times, you'll not actually be moving everything to the new place.

  • You're downsizing, and a lot of your stuff just won't fit in the new place
  • You're temporarily moving for the short-term, but you'll want all your stuff when you're back to more permanent arrangements
  • You're not sure you want something in your new place — but you do need somewhere to keep treasured heirlooms


Rather than deal with the headache of keeping everything in your new home and dealing with all that clutter, you can just drop it off at a storage facility and collect it when the time's right. It'll be there when you need it — whether it's an antique you can't let go of or just a sofa that won't fit for now.

Robust Move can help with your storage needs

We've partnered with Maple Leaf Self Storage to help our customers who need get their things stored safely and easily.

Don't wait until after your move to find out you don't have the space for everything. Get your needs dealt with while booking your move and enjoy a stress-free move that gets you settled in your new home fast.

  • Storage lockers of all sizes to accommodate furniture, boxes, and more
  • We'll help you get your stuff stored!
  • Save 35% when you book your storage through Robust Move


Book your move and storage through Robust Move and the only thing you'll need to worry about is when to hold your housewarming party!

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Storage and Moving You Can Count On

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