This Is How You Move

We’re your local Vancouver Moving Company.

We get families to their new homes — without the stress. Licensed, insured, and top-rated, Robust Move is trusted all over the Vancouver area from Abbotsford to Richmond.


We're Your Experienced and Reliable Local Vancouver Movers

Moving is tough. You have to pack. You have to load up trucks. You have to unpack. It could be weeks before you actually start to feel at home in your new home.

We want to change all that. We want your first day in your new home to be nothing but excitement — not a long, tiring, stressful slog. So, we’ve collected some of the most experienced and reliable moving professionals in the Vancouver areas and created a moving team capable of the guarantee that we’ll not only meet but exceed your expectations no matter what.

Who Are We?

Simply: we’re a dedicated team up for any moving job in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Victoria and beyond. Apartment-to-apartment? House-to-house? Neighbourhood-to-neighbourhood? City-to-City? We’ll handle any combination you can throw at us.

And we do it all with the same care and attention to detail we’d conduct our own, personal moves with — because we know there’s only one chance to get it right. Want to know more about what we do? Just get in touch!

Robust Move is Licensed and Insured

Condos, townhomes, houses, offices — whatever it is, you can have confidence that when you move with us, you’re covered.

We’re a Five-Star Vancouver Moving Company

Don’t just take our word for all this. Here’s what our customers have to say about our moving company.
5 star review
Stacey Silva
I was VERY happy with the service I received with Robust. They were kind and careful with my belongings; Not one item was damaged or even scratched. The best part is there are NO hidden charges!! Honest and hard-working - I highly recommend them 🙂
5 star review
Maria N.
I was extremely satisfied with the service. It was all I could hope for when moving. They were prompt, efficient and very courteous. To move a 800sq ft. apartment it took 4 hours of labour. They serve a very large area which not many companies do. Best part of all, I was able to arrange for rental boxes (highly recommended) delivered to my house. I guarantee that it shaved at least an hour from the total move time.
5 star review
john swan
I just used Zana to move me from Burnaby to point gray. The service was excellent. Absolutely great care and attention to the furniture and the move. The final price was far better than I hoped.I highly recommend them. John

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! When you move with us you know you’re moving with professionals and the assurance that you’re covered.

Good question. You’ll certainly want to do your research. Some movers might try to get away with moving without insurance. They might cut corners. They might not come equipped to safely handle your fragile items. Watch for these red flags and go with someone you can trust. 

It’s easy! To get started, we just need a little information to help us understand your move. Start right here, and we’ll get back to you with a quote ASAP.

We bill by the hour. So, the less you have to move, the less it will cost. The more you have things packed and organized, the less it will cost.