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Vancouver Island is home to one of BC’s old-growth temperate rain forests. This island forest is home to moose, bears, cougars, and many more creatures. There are hiking trails all around the outskirts of Nanaimo where you can go to enjoy this beautifully preserved nature. Many families enjoy their weekends walking or biking these trails and taking the opportunity to learn about the precious wildlife that still thrives on the island.

Nanaimo’s proximity to the ocean also allows residents and visitors to experience the breathtaking wonders of the Pacific Ocean. Harbour seals can be seen playing along the coast, and rain or shine, you can see children having fun while digging through the sand and rocks in search of crabs and mussels.

The Straight of Georgia, diving the mainland and Vancouver Island, is home to various fish and whales. Many Nanaimo residents have seen whales just off the coast, and you can be guaranteed to see them by taking one of many local whale watching tours offered off both coasts.

Moving to Nanaimo means moving to a beautiful and small city that is surrounded by nature. You and your family will be able to spend your days hiking, biking, swimming, and taking in the majestic wildlife that you’ll be surrounded by every day.

Moving Across The Ferry

While moving from the mainland to the island may seem intimidating due to the ferry ride, it can be done easily and efficiently when you have an experienced team. The Robust Move team can expertly pack all of your belongings so that they are protected and properly secured for the trip across the Straight of Georgia.

We’ll take care of maneuvering the truck through the ferry traffic and the narrow passages and tight turns when loading and unloading the ferry. You and your family will be able to have a relaxing trip across the ferry and take in the sights of the ocean.

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