Moving Checklist

1: Do a Pre-Move Cleaning

Of course, you'll clean your current home after having moved everything out. But beginning the process now has enormous benefits that will save you time later.

  • Tackling some deep cleaning a month or more out will drastically reduce the time and effort you'll need at the end when you're just looking to finish
  • Schedule a room a day to give yourself plenty of time
  • Prioritize tough areas and appliances, like ovens and fridges. Get the hard stuff dealt with, and your final clean will be a breeze
  • As you go, this is a great opportunity to get a firm idea of what you have

2: Make a List of What You Don't Need

This important moving checklist item helps you by reducing what you actually have to move.

  • As you go through your pre-move cleaning, what did you encounter that you really don't need?
  • Are there boxes that have gone unopened since the last move?
  • Do you have clothing you haven't worn in more than a year?
  • What do you have in your storage room — and what have you never taken out?
  • Can you get a little money to help with the move by selling some of these things?
  • Would you rather just donate your items to a local charity?

Whatever you do, remember, the more you get rid of, the less you have to move with you. Think of your move as an opportunity for a fresh start both in terms of where you're living — and what you're living with.

3: Take an Inventory Of What You're Moving

With your belongings reduced, you're clear to take an inventory of what's coming with you.

  • Knowing exactly what you have means a more organized move
  • Group items by room and by rough category
  • Make a separate list of all the big things, like beds and furniture, that won't need boxes but may need protection
  • Getting this step right is crucial for everything from buying supplies to unloading in your new home

4: What Requires Special Attention or Packing?

Some of your belongings will require some special attention. Take note of them now.

  • Everyone's going to have some fragile items in the kitchen — plates, glasses, etc. You'll need to wrap these and take special care with the boxes
  • Some large, heavy, delicate items like pianos and aquariums require particular effort to get them through the move without critical damage that renders them useless
  • Many of your items will be prone to scratches or other cosmetic damage as you're loading them up

5: Find a Moving Company

If you're serious about a secure, speedy, hassle-free move, there's nothing else like a moving company.

  • Even the most well-meaning friends and family move risks moving damage
  • A moving company knows the best way to pack a truck full of furniture and boxes
  • Moving companies come equipped with all the special equipment you need to safely move fragile items
  • A moving company should come with insurance — so even if something does go wrong, you're covered
  • Make sure your moving company has high online reviews!

6: Collect Your Moving Supplies

Now that you know what you're moving, and how you're moving it, you're ready to start purchasing the moving supplies that will get you through the day.

  • If you didn't skip the last step in the moving checklist, your moving company may be able to help you out
  • Some moving companies may be able to provide some of the special moving equipment
  • Otherwise, you'll need:
    • Sturdy boxes
    • Packing tape
    • Markers and labels
    • Plastic wrap
    • Wall and floor protectors

7: Get Packing!

You absolutely do not want to leave any of your packing until moving day. It will be hectic enough as it is.

  • Getting all of your packing done early means on the day, you quickly load the truck, drive to the new place, and unload
  • Pack your things room-by-room, starting with those you use less, like guest bedrooms
  • Try to arrange your boxes to leave plenty of space to get the big things out, as you may need to load them first
  • Reduce moving day stress by getting as many things as possible on the ground floor
  • Label every box by room — having an actual label in a consistent spot might sound like an extra step, but it will make those boxes instantly identifiable

8: Get a Good Night's Sleep!

Everything else is done? Get yourself a solid night's sleep. You'll have a long day ahead of you.

Is that moving company option sounding attractive? Start your quote with Robust Move and let's get you settled!