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Let us take you home

At Robust Move, we know that senior moves come with some special considerations. You may be downsizing to a smaller place, or you may be making the move to an exciting new life in an independent living centre.

  • You'll have a lifetime of belongings to pack
  • You may have to part with some furniture
  • Other family members may have input on the move
  • When do you have time for all this?


You're dealing with the hassle of getting your old home sold or transitioned to another family member while getting your own things in order. With that, it's easy to look at the actual move date with some amount of worry.

That's Where Robust Move's Senior Moves Expertise Helps

We know that when a senior moves, it's more than just a move. That's why we want everything about arriving at your new home to be stress-free and exciting.

You'll want to get settled in your new home and get to know the new features of the facility or the neighbourhood. And you'll want to be ready to meet new people and host those you've grown close to as soon as you're able.

  • We'll take proper care of your belongings and pack them securely to prevent damage
  • Have bulky, fragile furniture? We know how to get a couch out of anywhere!
  • Save even more time by taking advantage of our packing services


Don't struggle alone. If you want a comfortable move with a 5-star moving company, all you have to do is let us know you're interested.

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Senior Moves You Can Count On

Just fill in the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote. Our goal is always to get our customers moved in as quickly, safely, and stress-free as possible. And we think you'll be surprised at just how affordable a professional move can be!