Packing and Moving Supplies

1: Get Your Boxes

Every list of packing and moving supplies requires boxes. But don't just settle for whatever you can pull together. Go and get some actual good, sturdy boxes that you can easily move around — you'll thank yourself on moving day.

Or better yet, get your boxes when you move with us. We can set you up with hard plastic boxes we drop off before and pick up after the move. So you don't even have to store them.

2: Packing Tape

If you're using cardboard boxes, you'll need tape to secure them. Get yourself plenty of packing tape, and also consider grabbing a handheld tape dispenser.

The easier taping your boxes is, the more you'll do it, and the better your boxes will handle the move.

3: Plastic Wrap

If you want to avoid damaging large items that don't fit in boxes through scratches and dents, plastic wrap is your friend. Get a few rolls depending on the size of what you're moving, and wrap them firmly.

Even if you hit a doorframe or your furniture shifts around during the drive, the plastic wrap gives you an affordable, flexible means of protection.

4: Furniture Sliders and Foam Wrap

Some heavy items are especially difficult to move. You may want attach some furniture sliders to help make the process easier. But you'll also want to think about your walls — especially tight spots like the corners of stairwells or around doors.

Sticking up some foam wrap can protect your walls from damage and keep you off the hook for repair costs.

5: Tie Down Straps

Depending on what you're moving and what you're moving it in, you may need to get some tie down straps to secure things. This will prevent them slipping around during transit — preventing damage to the items themselves, your other belongings around them, and the vehicle itself.

6: A Dolly

Any move can benefit from a dolly. There are two styles you might find necessary. An upright dolly will allow you to stack heavy boxes and move them all at once rather than one at a time, and let you move a lot more weight than you otherwise could.

A flat dolly can help moving heavy furniture and is worth having as well. Leave the real heavy lifting for the tough spots.

7: Mattress Bag

You sleep on your mattress. Every day. So the last thing you'll want is for it to be stuffed on the back of a truck, in the open air, during a muddy winter move — or even rubbing up against sharp tables or cupboards inside a truck. Yet most people don't think about this when writing their list of packing and moving supplies.

Plastic wrap might not cut it with a mattress, due to flexibility. But a mattress bag will fit right around and help you get it moved clean and undamaged.

8: A Great Mover!

The best packing and moving supply to have? Simply a great mover. Save yourself the time and effort of collecting all these things yourself — some of which are quite pricey considering most people will only need them once in a few years.

Start your quote with Robust Move and let's get you settled!