Downsizing Services

People choose to downsize for many different reasons — but whatever yours, the process of downsizing does make your move more complicated.

  • Maybe you're downsizing for a temporary move and will need to retrieve your things later
  • You might simply be looking to live with less in a smaller place
  • Or, you could be making the move to a seniors' residence and need to sort through a lifetime of furniture


When you move with Robust Move? We can do more than just get your stuff to the new place. If you're downsizing, we can help you handle everything that's not coming with you as well!

Robust Move can help with your downsizing needs

We can help with your downsizing challenges!

First, check out this resource we've put together containing some handy downsizing tips. The best way to have a smooth downsized move is to know what you're doing with all the things that aren't coming with you. Many people choose to sell or donate their items — but the important thing is to know what you're doing before moving day.

Don't want your stuff at all, but can't get rid of it? We can handle your junk removal needs while you move, so it's all one easy process.

If you do choose storage, we've got a great deal with Maple Leaf Self Storage that gives you 35% off when you book through Robust Move. We'd be happy to help you store your things!


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