Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving This Summer

Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving This Summer

If you’re moving this summer in Southern BC you may have to deal with some extreme heat. In this blog post we provide ten Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving This Summer.

Along with climate change comes worsening heat waves, and this is something that was felt to an extreme degree last summer in southern BC.

The 2021 heat wave in BC saw temperatures rise well past the previous records and into the upper 40s Celsius. Towns across the southern BC interior repeatedly recorded temperatures well above the long-standing high for the entire country.

For several days in late June, places like Lilloett, Ashcroft, Lytton, Kelowna and Kamloops all saw the temperature increase to above 45 ℃. The new highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was recorded at 49.6 ℃ on June 29, 2021, at Lytton, BC.

How the heat might affect your summer move

Moving is a physically demanding job, and hot humid weather can make it even more uncomfortable. At times of extreme heat, it can even be a possible risk to your health.

However, summer is the most popular time of the year to move for various reasons, so moving during the hottest months is often inevitable. The most common reason for a summer move is if you have kids. Schools are on break so it makes this the most convenient time of the year for college students, and families with kids to make the move. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to lessen the effects of the heat and make the experience of moving during the summer in southern BC a more comfortable experience.

Robust Move is here to help make your move during hot weather both cool and safe throughout the process.

10 Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving this Summer in Southern BC:

1. Stay Hydrated

First of the list of Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving this Summer is to make sure to pack a cooler with plenty of water. Getting enough water every day is important to keep your body functioning properly. This becomes even more important when the temperature begins to rise, and you’re physically active.

Without water, or without enough of it, we can become dehydrated. Dehydration might show itself in the form of thirst, muscle cramps, fatigue, nausea, headache and other unpleasant symptoms.

You may also want to bring a few beverages that contain electrolytes. Stay away from drinks containing too much sugar or caffeine. Sugar can make you sluggish, and caffeine is a diuretic that can dehydrate you even more.

2. Get Started Early

Start the moving process as early in the day as possible. This will allow you to do much of the work when the sun is not as high in the sky and the heat is not as intense. You will also be fresher, more energetic, and ready to go early in the morning.

You can also take a break during the afternoon when the day is at its hottest.

3. Wear the Right Clothing

It’s very important to wear the right clothes when moving in the heat. To stay cool, avoid clothing made of heavy materials like denim and polyester which trap heat. Instead, wear loose items made of breathable fabrics like one hundred percent cotton. 

Also, avoid dark colours which absorb sunlight and make you hotter. Lighter colours, especially white, will reflect the sun and keep you cooler.

a person applying sun cream on the face

4. Wear Sunscreen

Even though you may be spending a good portion of the day in a vehicle during a summer move, you still need to apply sunscreen while driving. While car windows typically block out UVB rays, they don’t fully block UVA rays. Because of this, there is a far higher occurrence of skin cancer on the left side of the body. Before you start your move, be sure to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher. Unlike other products, broad-spectrum sunscreens protect you from UVB and UVA rays. Remember to keep extra sunscreen in your vehicle and be sure to re-apply every 2 hours.

5. Keep Utilities Turned On

Make sure the utilities stay on at your old house for the beginning of the move. Also, make sure to have the utilities turned on at least 24 hours before arriving at the new house. This way, you can keep the air conditioning on at both places for the duration of the move, which will help keep you much cooler while moving!

6. Plan Around Traffic

Southern BC is a very popular vacation destination area, and there may be summer events that disrupt traffic. Check the calendar before you schedule your move to avoid major holidays, local events like concerts, festivals, and races that will bring extra traffic and change the traffic patterns in a way that will hold things up. 

This can cause more stress during a hot move and can be avoided with a little planning.

7. Proper Packing of Heat Sensitive Items

Not all of your items will tolerate heat well, especially the extreme summer temperatures that can be expected when moving to Southern BC. Some of the belongings that might need special care include,

  • Electronics: Laptops, tablets, phones, stereos and other electronics can be very sensitive to heat. Whenever possible, pack in original packaging and make sure it is well ventilated. You may not want to pack them on the moving truck – instead carry them in your car to the new house.
  • DVDs, CDs, vinyl records and other media: These types of media warp easily when exposed to heat. If possible, keep media discs with you in a more climate-controlled environment. Back up any important information either to an external hard drive or online before moving day.
  • Accessories:  Things like candles, crayons, art supplies, batteries, cosmetics, and medicine don’t do well in extreme temperatures. You don’t want to show up at your new place to find crayons or cosmetics melted all over everything!
  • Plants: Most moving companies will not move plants because they probably won’t survive the shock and heat. Keep your plants with you throughout the move, pack them in a strong box and poke holes in it for plenty of ventilation. Stake your taller plants and tie the foliage with twine. Leave plants in the house until the very last minute to minimize the time they will be exposed to extreme heat.

If there are heat-sensitive items that you can’t move in your car, leave them until the absolute last moment before loading them onto the truck, so they can be the first to come off the truck and out of the heat.

You can trust the expert movers at Robust Move to make sure this part of the move is done right.

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8. Keep Your Body Cool

A great way to keep everybody cool during the move is to have cool, wet towels on hand. Place washcloths and towels in a cooler with ice. Using cold towels will help keep everyone as cool and relatively comfortable as possible throughout your move.

Be aware of the symptoms of exhaustion as you put your body through so much physical exertion. When you feel the onset of these symptoms, take a break and put a cold towel on the back of your neck or top of your head to bring down your body’s core temperature.

Portable fans can also be very helpful when it comes to staying cool during a summer move. Using the air conditioning in your house may not be possible, or even effective with doors wide open. Placing fans near doors will circulate the air and keep the temperature lower while you load and unload boxes.

9. Keep an Eye on the Weather

Afternoon thunderstorms are a common occurrence during hot summer months in Southern BC. Getting an early start can help ensure you have the truck packed and ready to go as early in the day as possible.

However, if the process is carrying on into the afternoon, take a look at the forecast to make sure there are no sudden thunderstorms on the horizon.

A sudden downpour with your belongings piled in the front yard can really put a damper on moving day, and disrupt the whole process.

If sudden thunderstorms are common in your area, have some tarps on hand, or choose to have your staging area in the garage or an area that is covered.

10. Work with Professional Movers

Moving can be incredibly stressful, especially during times of extreme heat. When you work with professional residential and commercial movers to perform the bulk of the heavy work and transportation, your hands and head will be clear to take care of the many other tasks at hand.

The expert movers at Robust Move are experienced at moving during the summer heat and are well prepared to make things as smooth and safe as possible. This is why we believe the last but not least of our Tips to Beat the Heat While Moving This Summer is to work with professional movers.

Making a good plan to beat the summer heat when moving to Southern BC will make moving day much cooler and easier for everyone involved. Contact Robust Move to plan your summer move with a five-star rated professional moving service.