Moving from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops with Small Kids

Moving from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops with Small Kids

Making a long-distance move like this can be very challenging when you have small children, and everyone could use a little help.

Moving from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops with small kids might seem like a fun adventure, but it can also be very challenging. A move like this requires careful preparation, and you need to be ready for all the changes to come. 

Kids can be affected by a move in ways you might not even think about. Especially when it’s a long-distance move to a brand new city. Even one as amazing and beautiful as Kamloops!

Moving can be tough on adults, but it can be even tougher on kids. According to Parents Magazine moving to a new home in a new city can have a serious impact on children’s behavioral, social, and emotional well-being. 

Do not fear! With careful planning and a positive attitude, you can help your youngsters relax, and they may even begin looking forward to the move. Not sure how you’ll accomplish this? We make it easier for you with this list of tips for making it go smoothly.

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Ten Tips for Moving Safely from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops

1. Communication is Key

Try not to spring an upcoming move, especially a long-distance move on your kids. Rather, introduce the idea gradually, just as you would with anything else they may be unused to.

Just like introducing some new kind of food to a kid, you need to do it a little at a time. Feed them bite size pieces about their new house, and the great things about living in Kamloops. 

For example, you could tell them about all of the great parks and attractions they can visit. Some of the fantastic outdoor experiences in Kamloops include the BC Widlife Park, the Pioneer Park Dog Beach, and the Big Little Science Centre.

Next, you could talk to them about your new house. Where will the kids sleep in the new house?

Where will their toys go? Is there going to be a yard to play in? What will the new neighborhood be like from a kid’s perspective? 

Talk about something they can look forward to – maybe there’s a pond nearby that they can watch the ducks and birds at.

2. Hire Trusted Movers

Ideally, you would send your little ones to a babysitter to keep them out of the way while the movers are at your home. But mistakes and changes are a part of almost every move, so you must expect the unexpected. 

A great way to be prepared for this situation is by hiring expert, friendly movers who will do an excellent job and will be safe around your kids while they work.

The team at Robust Move knows how precious your children are to you, and they want you to know that you can trust them to sensitive to how they need to operate when there are kids around.

3. Don’t Stray From Your Routine While Preparing to Move

Your little ones thrive on routine, especially when things around them are seeming extra unpredictable – like during a long-distance move from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops.

Keep regular mealtimes, naptimes, and bedtimes to maintain a sense of security.

Regular, healthy meals and good sleep will also keep parents on an even keel during this potentially unsettling period. 

If you stay calm and positive yourself, you’re much more likely to have calm and positive kids during this time. Maintaining a routine will also help to make the moving day itself go more smoothly. Letting it slide will only set a precedence for chaos on the big day itself.

4. Let Your Routines Bend a Little Once the Move Has Been Made

Typically bedtime is 8 pm sharp and under no circumstances are they allowed to eat anywhere but the kitchen. But now is also a good time to let them be free to explore their new home a little.

Let them stay up a little later so they can see what it looks like outside their window at night. Have a picnic in the living room and stack the boxes like hills and mountains that you have to hike through to get to your new home.

Letting kids explore and familiarize themselves is very important. Perhaps you can even start a couple of new traditions following your long-distance move.

5. Plan Your Big Move Well Ahead of Time

Planning is an essential part of a successful move… especially when you’re moving with young kids. Preparing in advance offers all kinds of benefits – reducing stress, making sure nothing’s forgotten, and allowing for quality time with your family, even during this rather hectic time. 

That’s where a handy moving checklist comes in. Make sure to involve the kids in the planning process so that they know what to expect when the big day comes.

 A great hint: assign everyone their own tasks based on their abilities. Kids love it when they are acknowledged for their ability to take on responsibilities.

6. Visit the New Home Before You Move

If at all possible, take a trip to Kamloops before you actually move. This is so the kids can see the new home while you’re still comfortably living in the old one.

Visit other important locations as well, like their new school, their daycare, the local library, a nearby mall, or community centre. 

If making the trip beforehand is not possible, show them pictures of your new home and all the special places they can look forward to instead. Or, thanks to Google you can explore your new home online. You can use Google Maps to take a virtual stroll down the streets of Kamloops.

7. Pack a ‘Survival Kit’ for Moving Day

A moving day survival kit can include essentials like packing and moving supplies and a coffee maker.

But to the kids, what could be more important than their favourite book, toy, or blanket? You’ll also want to include several practical items like diapers, bottles, children’s medication, wipes, and pajamas. Having all of these things close at hand while moving will make things go much more smoothly.

8. Pack the Children’s Rooms Last

Try to keep the children’s rooms intact right up until the last possible moment. Children find it very calming to have their own little haven where they can get away. 

Whether you’re doing the packing yourself, or you’ve decided to go with your movers packing service, wait to load those items. Once the kid’s toys, furniture, clothes, and other belongings have been packed, ask the movers to load them last.

9. Unpack the Children’s Rooms First

If at all possible, once you arrive at your new home,  unpack and set up the children’s rooms first

This not only gives the kids a job to do while the rest of your home is unloaded and unpacked, but it also keeps them out from underfoot and out of harm’s way. It also gives them some autonomy as they settle into their new surroundings following your move from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops.

10. Be Positive and Patient on the Big Day

Try to blow off any of the minor annoyances that can occur on moving day. Always remember to breathe. Be mindful of what a move like this might be like from your children’s perspective.

Remember that the new house and new job that you’re heading for in Kamloops is a good thing. Children will likely mirror your attitude if you try to stay positive and patient, even when the kids are being extra demanding. 

Leading by example is always the best way to make a potentially stressful time into a fun adventure!

Make Moving from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops a GREAT Experience for You and Your Kids

Use these great tips to make the big move a positive and upbeat experience for both you and your kids.  Help them feel comfortable with moving to a new city by preparing them for the move, and for their new life in Kamloops..

To help make this the best possible experience for you and your kids, make sure to hire Robust Move – the professional movers with the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Licensed, insured, and 5 Star Rated, Robust Move is trusted all over the Vancouver area from Abbotsford to Richmond, and they also want you to know that they’re the best choice for a long-distance move.

Get a free quote, ask any questions you might have about moving from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops, or anywhere else, on their contact page.

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