Are You Ready to Dive Into Your New Life on Vancouver Island?

Are You Ready to Dive Into Your New Life on Vancouver Island?

Are you in love with the ocean and all the fun and adventure it provides?

Whether your choice of ocean adventure is found in or on the water, Vancouver Island has it all. 

Maybe you’d love to get out on a boat and go fishing or crabbing in the plentiful waters that surround this beautiful island. Or perhaps you are more daring and want to don a wetsuit and go under the waves to experience that vast array of sea life that can be seen here. Take it from a Victoria resident who’s lived here for decades – it would take a lifetime to see it all! 

From the large public beaches to the numerous smaller more private and remote spots, the chance to discover a new one can happen every day. There is a growing community of cold water immersion enthusiasts (including myself) here who love to find new beaches to gather at and enjoy the exhilarating health benefits of getting in the water without wetsuits. So cold, but so good for you! 

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And if you don’t want to get quite that cold, you can don a wetsuit and visit Victoria’s Ogden Point Breakwater; a 4.81 star-rated scuba dive and snorkel site. The variety of interesting sea life found in this marine preserve is astounding. A very easy entry marks the start of a ‘diving scavenger hunt’ for the sunken plaques that line the breakwater with each plaque containing information about the area and marine life you’ll encounter. You’ll see algae blooms, Stubby squid, schools of rockfish, tube snouts, occasional seals and otters, wolf eels, scallops, chitons, starfish, Puget Sound king crab, and anemones galore. 

Before you can really start to enjoy your new adventures on the island you need to get yourself moved over from the mainland, and you have some concerns. 

Well, Robust Move is here to make your big move go swimmingly… 

Heavy or Fragile Items: You’re making the move from as far away as Merit or Penticton and you’re wondering how your beautiful piano or expensive copier is going to stand up to the long trip. Whether it’s residential or commercial, we have all the long-distance move experience and expertise to guarantee smooth sailing. Robust Move offers an optional packing service available for those who’d like a little extra help earlier on. Our service includes: 

● We’ll handle your packing if you’re unable to do it yourself. 

● Your belongings will be properly taken care of and packed securely to prevent damage

● Have bulky, fragile furniture? We know when something requires a little extra care

● Save yourself the time of buying all those packing materials yourself 

Downsizing and You Can’t Bring Everything: You’re moving from a house to a condo and you can’t fit everything in the new place. You have treasured heirlooms or just a beloved couch that you just can’t find a spot for. Well, you don’t have to leave them behind forever or have them clutter your new home until you can figure things out. Robust Move can help with your storage needs. We’ve partnered with Maple Leaf Storage to help our customers who need to get their belongings stored safely and easily. 

Have your storage needs dealt with while booking your move and enjoy a stress-free move that gets you settled in your new home fast. Here’s what Robust Move has to offer:

● Storage lockers of all sizes to accommodate furniture, boxes, and more

● We’ll help you get your stuff stored! 

● Save 35% when you book your storage through Robust Move 

Hopefully, this is all helping to reassure you and to keep your vision of adventure on the water! 

Maybe you’d rather be on the water than in the water. Perhaps sailing is your passion. Or you’ve got a great little fishing boat and you can’t wait to get your hooks in a salmon or a giant halibut. You might just want to take advantage of the many top-notch whale-watching tours available on the island. The waters around Vancouver Island are some of the most abundant in the world. 

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The top salmon fishing spots range from Port Hardy on the northern island to Comox on the east coast and Sooke, which is just north of Victoria on the west coast. Vancouver Island boasts some of the best fishing charters and lodges anywhere in the world. 

Crabbing on Vancouver Island can also make for a great day trip with family or friends and getting to the top spots is well worth the drive. There are tons of great locations to catch crabs from and with a limitless coastline and protected waters, the crabs are bountiful. All you have to do is drop your traps, go for a leisurely walk and get a coffee or a bite to eat, and come back to see what you’ve caught. Now that’s the kind of fishing anyone can enjoy! 

Some of the best crabbing spots start with Port McNeill way up near the northern tip of the island to the Fanny Bay Pier just north of Parksville, the Port Renfrew Docks on the west side of the island, and on down to the James Island Pier near the town of Sidney. 

All of these amazing spots might be calling your name from as far away as Kamloops or Kelowna, but you have a lot to take care of first to get yourself and your family moved safely and efficiently to your dream destination. 

Well, there’s no need to go fishing around for a Vancouver moving company that can meet all of your needs. Robust Move is ready to provide you with the most complete and professional service around! 

How to pack all of your fishing and water sports gear:

Have you got a large amount of fishing and water sports gear that you just don’t want to pack in regular cardboard boxes? This type of equipment can be very expensive and we don’t want you to worry about it getting damaged during the big move. Robust Move provides a Plastic Boxes Service that will put your mind at ease. These handy boxes will allow you to pack the type of items that just won’t work in any other kind of packing materials. We’re here to make getting all of your equipment (and any other items that might require this type of container) moved over to Vancouver Island not only stress-free but fun and easy! 

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What to do if you’re downsizing: Maybe you’ve decided you can’t take all of your marine gear with you. Or perhaps you just want to get brand new stuff once you’re all settled in your new home in Victoria or Nanaimo. Here are some handy tips for downsizing: 

● The first step is to take inventory of your belongings and decide what you’re going to leave behind well before moving day. 

● Create a plan to get rid of unwanted items. Which ones are going in the garbage, which ones are you going to sell, and which ones will get donated? 

● Don’t be afraid to sell things yourself. Selling items online is so quick and easy!

● Look for duplicates and get rid of extras. Do you really need three fishing nets?

● Allow some time to reminisce. Don’t be too quick to make decisions about momentos and once-prized possessions. 

● Don’t make hasty decisions. If you’re unsure, store the items until you are sure. (Robust Move provides a great deal with Maple Leaf Storage) 

After all of this is done you might find that there are still some items that you just can’t sell, donate, or store. Now it’s time to think about junk removal. 

You need junk removal service: You don’t have the time to get quotes for junk removal or even to sort through everything you need to be removed. Robust Move provides a complete and responsible Junk Removal service that will take care of it all for you! 

Here’s how Robust Move junk removal service works: 

● You can get it all taken care of at the same time as the rest of your move.

● We charge by volume to give you the best deal 

● We’ll sort through your stuff and either donate, recycle, or send it to general disposal. (We are here to provide an environmentally responsible service) 

Book your Junk Removal service now to make getting rid of your unwanted items easy and stress-free! 

Now it’s time to start thinking about a peaceful ride on the ferry to your new home with all of your moving needs taken care of. Starting off a new chapter in your life with a positive experience is so important! We hope that Robust Move has addressed all of your long-distance moving needs, and whether you’re moving from Mission to Ladysmith or from Hope to Duncan, we are happy to help you see your future on the island clearly. If you’re looking for a new life that includes fun and adventure above the surf or below it, you are headed in the right direction!

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