Moving to Campbell River

Moving to Campbell River

Is your heart set on moving to Campbell River?

Are you about to make the big move from the lower mainland or perhaps as far away as Kelowna to a smaller community on Vancouver Island? Is the laid-back lifestyle of Campbell River calling your name?

Well, who can blame you?! 

This wonderful community is surrounded by all that is normal fare for a coastal British Columbia town. It has been named one of the top five quality of life destinations in North America by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. This is not only because of the abundant beauty of the waters of Discovery Passage or the backdrop of majestic mountains. This third largest city on the Island also boasts a very affordable cost of living.

There’s so much to do here!

You might be looking forward to the thrill of seeing whales or eagles from almost anywhere in town, without having to be in a place that is truly remote. Or maybe you’re excited about the fact that the many venues and clubs in Campbell River offer opportunities for golf, baseball, tennis, soccer, curling, swimming, or even taking your dog to the amazing agility park. The team at Robust Move is here to help make this dream come true!

It’s time to start making plans.

Don’t let the stress and complication of renting a truck and doing the move yourself get in the way of your vision of how your life is going to look in Campbell River. When you consider what it takes – starting from trying to round up friends to help you pack the truck, to loading, to navigating on the ferry, to driving unfamiliar roads once you get across, this is not the kind of planning that you really want to do (who’s going to help you unload on the other side?). You are thinking about the real adventures that lie ahead for you in this welcoming little city.

Let the experienced movers at Robust Move make those plans for you!

Our drivers have the knowledge and experience needed to take care of all the planning and logistics of this important day, and we are happy to take on this responsibility for you. We are committed to making the move for British Columbians to Campbell River a seamless transition. Let us (Robust Move) be the brains and muscle behind your big move to Campbell River!

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