How we move you safely during COVID

How we move you safely during COVID

Yes, life may have slowed down lately, but it hasn’t come to a stop. The BC real estate market is still expanding, and many families are opting to move into homes with more space. We know that you still need to move and you need to know that you can do it safely. That’s where Robust Moves comes in. Protecting your health is our top priority, closely followed by protecting your belongings!

We will put you and your family’s health first with each move we do. Here’s how. We start by sanitizing each piece of moving gear, equipment, and vehicle between each move. This means a thorough wipe down, washing, and replacing any items that can’t be washed that day. Your moving team will wear their masks for the entire move and only remove them for appropriate breaks, outside and away from everyone else.

We keep our hand sanitizer close by at all times. We follow Dr. Bonnie Henry’s advice and keep on washing our hands and sanitizing when we need to. Our shoes might not be as fashionable, but we’re trying to keep up!

We do ask for some assistance from you to make your move as safe as possible. We request that just before we arrive that you open all the doors and windows in the house to ensure that there’s good airflow throughout the move. We’ll take care of this if you’re not on location with us that day, and we’ll be extra careful to close up and lock up your house. If you are at home when our moving team is working, we ask that you work with us so we can keep at least 6 feet from you and your family. We’re good communicators. We’ll find the simplest way to do this when we work in your home.

There’s one more important item that we want all of our customers to know when deciding whether to work with our team. It’s our deep commitment to the care and well being of each of our team members. We perform a wellness check every morning, similar to the ones that you may have experienced if you entered a government office lately. The second way we take care of our team is paid time off for any staff member who is experiencing symptoms of illness, concerned about potential exposure, or any similar circumstances. We know that they should never feel afraid to miss a day or a week of work if it means taking care of themselves, their families, and our customers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our COVID response, and please reach out if you have any questions or require any specific accommodations for your next move.

The Robust Moves Management Team