Don’t Miss a Thing With This Office Moving Checklist!

Don’t Miss a Thing With This Office Moving Checklist!

There’s plenty to do when you’re moving your office. Between all the moving parts, employees you have to get transitioned seamlessly, and delicate, mission-critical equipment, it’s easy to miss vital steps. Follow this checklist to stay on top of everything.

Understand Your Current Lease and Find the New Place

Before you can move, you need somewhere to move to. And before you do that, you’ll need to refresh yourself on the current lease. Can you afford the costs of breaking a lease early, or is the timing good? Are you on the hook for any damage or alterations you’ve caused? Make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities.

Get Some Moving Quotes

Give yourself plenty of time to get a bunch of quotes from movers. Consider cost — but also expertise. The last thing you want to do is go with the absolute cheapest quote only to unpack a box of broken awards because your movers didn’t know how to pack a truck safely.

Set a Date

You’ll want to know the last day you can be in your old place, and the first day you can be in the new. Then, you’ll want to pick the best day to actually conduct the move. Try to move on a day you’re not normally open if you can, in order to minimize disruption to your employees’ routines — and your customers’.

Let People Know

You’ll need three groups of people to know about your move: your employees, you customers, and your partners.

You’ll also want to explain to each of these groups what they’ll have to know about the transition.

Do A Full Inventory

Make note of everything you have that will need to move, where it is now, and where it will need to be. You don’t need to itemize every paperclip, but you should note down all your computers, furniture, cabinets, drawers, and so on. Once you’ve moved, you’ll be able to check this list to ensure nothing got left behind.

Account for Delicate Items

Once you know everything that’s moving, it’s worth your time going through the list to check what might need a bit more care. This could be sensitive electronic equipment, older furniture, or delicate decorative items that give your company its signature look.

Ask yourself what you’d do if something broke. Then, make sure you’ve got a backup plan — and that you’re confident you can trust your mover.

Speak With Your Service Providers

Whether electricity, internet, phone, or any of the many other services businesses pay for, you’ll want to contact all of them, inform them when you’ll be moving, and book appointments to get hooked up again in the new place.

Pack, Move, and Settle In

Finally, pack as you would for any move, leaving, of course, anything you actively need to do business until last. Depending on your business, you may need to finish up after hours, so make sure you’ve blocked off enough time.

Then, let your mover get your stuff where it needs to be — and get unpacking!

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