5 Ways to Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

5 Ways to Make Moving Easier for You and Your Kids

Moving is a stressful and busy time for anyone — but moving with kids is hard. There are tons of tasks to deal with, plus you’ve to prepare your children for the move! 

It’s a confusing time for kids as well. They’ve to say goodbye to their home, friends, school, and adjust to the new routine. You should set realistic expectations for your kid’s transition. It may take time, but your children will ultimately adapt to the new routine. 

Here in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of ways to help reduce your child’s anxiety when moving. Hopefully, these will make the change smoother and more fun. Let’s begin: 

1. Soothe Their Curiosity 

Kids are smart and sensitive. They should hear it from you that you’re moving to a new place. You must maintain a trustworthy relationship — be open to their questions and feelings. Start a conversation to know what they’re going through and prepare them mentally. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Play, order food or go out for a walk to talk them about the move 
  • Tell them the exact reason why you’re moving 
  • Talk to them about all the positives about the new place 
  • Narrate sensible points that can leave impact  
  • Give them time to absorb and let them quote their feelings  

2. Get them Involved with Packing 

When packing, ask your kids for help. Give them suggestions on how to pack their things like toys, books and others. This way, kids feel involved, more responsible and understandable. 

Ask them to pack small items, get them to sort decorations, and create labels for the packing boxes. On a moving day, get them to load small boxes. Tell them you need help with cross-checking of items and give them a checklist to tick items that are yet to be packed. 

3. Spark Your Kids’ Creativity 

Tell your kids about their new room designs and about their new schools. Here are some creative ways to allow their contribution the whole time: 

  • Ask for your kid’s help in organizing a yard sale — make them assist you. 
  • Allow them to choose their favourite colours and tell them they can repaint their room walls. 
  • Give them small rewards when they help you pack things smoothly 
  • Ask them to prepare custom boxes, write names on them and arrange properly 

4. Visit the New Home and Neighbourhood 

Take the time out to visit the new neighbourhood with your kids. Give them a tour of your new home and allow them to check the neighbourhood.  

You can take permission from administration of your kid’s new school to see classes, activity areas in advance, and let your children make new friends. 

It’s good to search for the playfield, activity classes, recreation centres or any place where your kids can engage in the new neighbourhood. Likewise, explore nearby hospitals and medical clinics, so you know where to go in the event of an emergency.  

5. Plan Your Moving Trip 

Plan the trip with your kids well in advance when moving long-distance. If you’re driving, pick out some fun spots, so you can take break in between and your kids enjoy the journey. Keep snacks that your kids like near you and listen to soothing music. 

The toddler might ask for their favourite toys during the journey, so keep some handy in a bag. Also, make sure that you have packed everyday essentials such as diapers, food, clothes, etc. — keep the bag close to you all the time.  

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