6 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

6 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company

When you’re trusting someone to get your belongings from one place to another — all your belongings — you bet you’re not going to trust just anyone.

You should be confident in their abilities, their equipment, and their experience. Here are some top questions you should ask your moving company before you hire them.

What Don’t They Move?

No company can guarantee they can move every single item you might possibly have. If you expect to be moving common furniture and stuff packed in boxes and bags? You’re almost certainly fine. But you should always find out what they can’t move so you can plan accordingly.

What might a moving company not move? You could be looking at everything from pianos to aquariums. If you have anything unusually heavy, complex, expensive, or technical, find out ahead of time if you need to make special arrangements to move it.

Where Do They Move — And How Do They Charge for Distance?

Of course, you want to be sure the moving company can actually get you where you want to go! But you’ll also want to understand how they price for distance or fuel. You’re going with a mover because you want a simple moving experience — not a surprise bill because driving to your new place comes with a surcharge.

How Do They Charge for What You Need to Move?

Moving from a one-bedroom apartment compared to from a two-storey house is probably going to come at a different cost. Generally, the more you have to move, the more you’ll have to pay. But make sure you understand how the cost is calculated. Let your mover know about any large, bulky items of furniture, for instance — or anything that’s going to be particularly heavy or difficult to move.

Movers routinely come across all manner of unusual requests, so they should be able to provide you a reliable quote. Just make sure your explanation of what needs to be moved is as complete as possible.

Do They Have Any Additional Moving-Related Services?

A move often comes with more than simply getting things from one place to another. Many people take the opportunity to downsize or replace their belongings. Junk removal might be something you’re thinking of — or even just a hand donating what could be used by others.

You might also need to put some things into storage. And of course, you’ll want your old place cleaned and ready for the next occupants.

Ask your mover if they offer any of these services — or have partnerships with companies that do. You’ll save yourself some time and hassle if you’re able to bundle some of these things together.

Do They Have the Right Equipment?

Besides experience, one of the biggest advantages of going with a professional moving company is that they should have all the appropriate equipment that DIY moves often don’t. This can range from safe packing materials that will protect your belongings, to wall and floor protectors to an appropriate moving vehicle and tools to get your things out of the old home and into the new.

Do They Have the Right Experience?

Above all, be confident in your mover’s experience. Ask them about similar moves they’ve handled and make sure that you’re getting someone who actually knows how to deal with your moving situation.

Can they speak clearly about how they’d get that massive sofa out of the basement? Do they have a proven track record? Few companies have an absolutely spotless online review rating, but if there’s anything you read that gives you pause, take the time to ask about those concerns. You’re trusting your mover with your home: be sure you have the right one.

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