How to Downsize While Moving?

How to Downsize While Moving?

There are lots of reasons why people choose to downsize. It could be that you’re relocating for a temporary job and you don’t want to bring everything with you. Life may have changed and living in a larger home might not make sense anymore. Or you could be looking at retirement living and need to adapt to a smaller space.

What to Do About All Your Things When Downsizing

There are a few options when it comes to reducing the number of things you have while downsizing.


When your move to a smaller place is temporary, you’ll probably want to store the possessions you can’t take with you. Look into local options and see if the price works. Obviously, if the value of your things is less than what it would cost to store them over the time period you’re expecting, it may just make more sense to get rid of them.


Got a nice sofa you’ve barely used — it’s just too big? Or a fancy dining table set that seats more than you’d generally need? You might be best off selling it. There are plenty of online options to quickly sell what you don’t need these days — just remember to get your listings up safely in advance of the move so you’ll actually be able to be rid of it all in time.


When selling would be too much of a hassle for the price you get, or when you just want to do some good, donation is a great option for many items of furniture. Do your research and find out where you can donate things — some places won’t accept beds or upholstered furniture for instance.


When all else fails? When you can’t afford or don’t want to store it, you can’t fetch a good price and you can’t even give it away, you’ll have to dispose of it properly. Visit the appropriate Vancouver waste and recycling disposal facility with your items.

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