Moving Out for School? Here’s What You Need

Moving Out for School? Here’s What You Need

About to enter post-secondary education for the first time?

If you’re heading out on your own — perhaps you’ve found an apartment or house with roommates — a smooth transition to this new stage of your life will make all the difference when getting into your studies.

We’ve put together this quick guide about what you’ll need as you embark on your first year away from home.

Be Efficient With Your Space

You’re probably going to have less personal space, but there are going to be some things you’ll need. You’ll want to set your bedroom up with, obviously, a bed — and also a desk and a chair.

They will all need to be small enough to fit together comfortably. The last thing you want is to feel trapped as you’re working through assignments. But they’ll also need to be big enough to actually use. You’ll likely want to have a laptop open, thick textbooks laid out, and plenty of space to spread out your notes.

Beds that fold into sofas can be a great help here, as you can minimize the space they take up during the day.

Depending on the closet situation, you may also want to have a small dresser for your clothes — which also gives you an extra flat surface.

Pool Your Resources

Got roommates? That’ll make furnishing the common spaces easier. You and your roommates may already have some essentials. Take stock of what you’re each able to bring to the new home before you move in. This way you’ll know whether you want to store some overlapping belongings — such as multiple sets of cutlery — and you’ll know what you’re missing.

If you’ve got some significant purchases looming, such as a sofa or a dining table figure out how you want to handle that. Will one person buy, say, the dining table and take it with them when they leave? Or will everyone pool their money and figure out ownership later?

There are pros and cons to each. If someone buys a dining table which then gets damaged by someone else, what are the expectations? If money is pooled evenly but the value of the furniture cannot be equally spilt up later, will someone be reimbursed?

Move In and Get Unpacked Fast

Don’t waste time! Don’t let those boxes go unopened for weeks. You’re going to be busy with your first year of school. You don’t want to come home after an exhausting day and see all that work you still have to do.

The best way to get unpacked fast is to still have the energy to do it on move day. And the best way to do that is to get a professional mover to help.

We’ve actually got a Back to School special deal on through to October for students moving back to school. You can save 10% if you move with us — and get the same high quality move we perform for anyone.

Get started by requesting a quote right here. Happy studies!