Save Money by Downsizing Before Your Vancouver Move

Save Money by Downsizing Before Your Vancouver Move

Want to know how to not only get a cheaper move — but save yourself a ton of work and hassle along the way?

All you have to do is downsize. The logic is simple: the less you move, the less work and money it takes to move. So, before moving day, as you’re going through and packing all your belongings anyway, get rid of what you don’t need rather than take it with you.

How To Downsize

There are many ways to downsize. In some cases, you can make some really quick decisions by looking at what you never even unpacked from last time. If you’ve got through one move and are looking at another before even opening up a box from last time, chances are, you just don’t need it.

But some people move much less than others. A more general good rule of thumb is look at what you haven’t used for a whole year.

  • If you haven’t worn something for that long, you probably don’t like it enough to any more.
  • If you’ve got some bulky kitchen appliance that does nothing but gather dust on your countertop, do you really need it taking up space?
  • Are you ever going to open that book you read once five years ago again?

Give yourself some leeway for sentimentality, but treat this move as an opportunity to make some long-delayed decisions about what you’d like to be in your life. Once you really commit yourself to the task, you may find it quite freeing.

How Downsizing Makes Moving Easier and Cheaper

As we said, with less things to move, you’re inherently making your move easier and cheaper because you’ve got less work to do.

But there are even more benefits afterward. Whether you’re moving into a smaller place and downsizing by necessity, or you’re just looking to better use space, you’ll have a much cleaner time unpacking and arranging your new home when there’s less stuff to sort through.

What To Do With Your Downsized Possessions

So you know what you’re getting rid of — now what? You’ll need to actually get rid of it, right?

There are many places to buy and sell things online: from Facebook Marketplace to Kijiji. This can be a great way of finding your belongings new homes while getting a little compensation for it.

But if that sounds like a lot of administrative and logistics work — or if you’re just looking for a more charitable option — there are tons of places in Vancouver to simple donate your items. Whether you’ve got bed frames, sofas, or just boxes of miscellaneous items, you’ll be able to find a place to donate your items.

Next Moving Steps

Now that you’ve built your downsizing plan, the next step is to get in contact with a moving company. And if you’re going to do that, why not choose a five-star moving company like Robust Move?

It’s true: our customers love us. If you’d like that same dedicated level of service yourself for your Vancouver move, let’s talk!